Augustine Dawson Selby (1859 - 1924) was a plant pathologist who helped found the Ohio Experimental Station, and owned the land upon which the Selby Streets and Selby Park now lie.

The Colonial Hills Civic Association was founded in 1948 to represent the residents of Colonial Hills, at that time a 200 home subdivision built by the Federal Government to house white collar war workers in Worthington, Ohio. Colonial Hills was built out to its current size of 740 homes in the early 1950’s. In 1955, Colonial Hills was annexed from Sharon Township into Worthington.

Selby Park as seen in 1948. The Selby Streets and Kenbrook Drive were built by the Defense Homes Corporation in 1942.

The Civic Association produces traditional annual events, such as the Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th Celebration, Halloween and Holiday Parties for children, runs annual food drives and produces a monthly newsletter, The Colonial Hills Courier. Membership is voluntary, with dues of $15 per year for families or $5 per year for singles or senior households.

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