2011 Colonial Hills Decorating Contest Winners!

The Colonial Hills Holiday Decorating Contest for 2011 results are now available.

The four judges were out from 7 pm until 9:45 pm on Thursday, December 16th, and had a hard time making their final decisions. They wanted to offer honorable mention 528 Meadoway, 280 E. Selby and 337 E. Selby, and noted with amusement the attempted bribe of a bottle of Bourbon that was left on the porch of 175 Kenbrook Drive. The winners they selected were mailed $10 gift certificates to the Anthony Thomas Candy Store across from Graceland Shopping Center.

Most Artistic: 396 Colonial (Reida)
Most Illuminated – Griswold Award: 580 Park (Johnston)
Most Original: 5631 Indianola (Zalenski)

Best Home 1st: 511 Colonial (Edie)
Best Home 2nd: 215 E. Selby Blvd. (Wessel)
Best Home 3rd: 583 Loveman (Loas)

Best Door 1: 484 Kenbrook (Stalter)
Best Door 2: 318 E. Selby Blvd. (Scardina)
Best Door 3: 444 Park Overlook (Mehlman)

Congratulations to our winners, thank you to our judges, and happy holidays to all – George Campbell

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