Colonial Hills one of top 10 housing markets in America

As reported by, Colonial Hills is in the 2nd “hottest” ZIP code in the US for the first half of 2015! A few highlights from the article, which was re-reported by a number of news agencies:

  • “Homes in these top 10 communities sell four to nine times faster than the national average, and spend 20 fewer days on the market than their respective metropolitan statistical areas. Their listings on our site are viewed three to eight times more often than overall U.S. listings—an average of 2.3 times more often than their respective metros.”
  • “‘Each locale on this list is emblematic of the key trends driving housing this year—healthy local economics, job opportunities, and affordability,’ said Jonathan Smoke, chief economist of®. ‘For first-time home buyers, these communities provide great opportunities to enter the housing market, build a career, and raise a family; older generations are able to build wealth and enjoy a variety of lifestyles.'”

Read the entire article here:

Looking good Colonial Hills!

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