Holiday decoration awards 2015

Hope everyone enjoyed the luminary lighting last weekend! While we were all wandering the streets taking in the sights of our beautiful neighborhood, our judges were busy evaluating holiday decorations. Here are the winners of our CHCA 2015 Holiday Home Decorating Contest:

Best Front Door
1st Place: 468 Meadoway
2nd Place: 5631 Indianola
3rd Place: 451 Park Overlook

Most Lit
426 Selby North

Most Original
435 Selby North

Most Artistic
363 Loveman

Best Retro
276 Park

Honorable Mention (Best Blow-Up)
287 Loveman

Best Overall
1st Place: 426 Selby North
2nd Place: 71 Southington
3rd Place: 143 Lakeridge

Thanks everyone for your participation and hard work to get your homes looking good. And thanks to Kelly Jaeger for recruiting judges and coordinating the awards. Signs are being posted on a rolling basis and pictures will be posted here soon.

Happy holidays Colonial Hills!

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