2017 CHCA Scholarship Opportunity

Happy (Gregorian) New Year!

Applications are now available for the CHCA 2017 Educational Scholarship! All graduating high school seniors who will be pursuing any educational program after high school are eligible (e.g. college, vocational, technical, business institutes, etc).

Applications are available here (MS Word) and here (PDF), or using the links on the right-hand side of the colonialhills.us page. Due date is April 28 (postmarked Apr 21 if mailed); see application for additional details.

In addition to information about academic and extracurricular activities, it is necessary for an applicant to attend at least one CHCA monthly meeting and have neighborhood service hours. See calendar at right for more details on upcoming CHCA meetings and events.

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: this is a great opportunity to earn / win some money to help pay for the next steps in your education! There is still time to get neighborhood service hours by attending meetings, helping with planning for upcoming events, and distributing Couriers for those districts with no current Trustee.

Juniors & Sophomores, take a look at the application and start working on the requirements now for when it’s your turn!

Good luck!

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