2017 Holiday Lighting Contest Awards

It’s awards show season! This year presented a very difficult decision for our secret judges, from Clintonville, who had a very long list of notable favorites for these coveted awards! With so very many creative, lovely, bright and sparkling contenders, they wanted to honorably mention:

  • 71 Southington, where they were impressed with three levels of lights
  • 389 Colonial, with the love sign, so appropriate for the season
  • 5630 Indianola, the judges were charmed by the traditional use of red and green
  • 448 Loveman, with the “white Christmas” theme of all white lights and a splash of blue on the garage
  • 385 Park, which had a lovely front door
  • 124 Park, who should get an award for the most athletic star placement, look up everyone!
  • 436 S. Selby, with its sad and sweet Charlie Brown Xmas tree
  • 363 Loveman, for its very artistic and fun candy cane tree.

But in the end, hard decisions had to be made, so……Drum roll please……And the winners are:

  • MOST LIT: 426 N. Selby! Year after year, an amazing beacon of light and herculean effort! This is the house to beat, folks!
  • MOST ARTISTIC: 244 Colonial! So many creative ideas and a mix of décor: lights, lanterns, wooden deer, Xmas tree with gifts.
  • BEST RETRO: 452 Colonial! Fabulous lights (2nd Place Most Lit) and a sweet seating spot with classic Adirondack chairs clinched it
  • BEST FRONT DOOR – 3rd Place: 143 Lakeridge! So, not officially the door, but the singing, flashing Pine tree at the entrance of the drive had to be recognized. The judges also loved the lights outlining the house, it looks like gingerbread.
  • BEST FRONT DOOR – 2nd Place: 563 Meadoway! The judges appreciated the candy cane columns and deer that moved!
  • BEST FRONT DOOR – 1st Place: 272 Colonial! Snow man and Polar bears, yep, the judges are North High grads, so this spoke to their hearts.
  • BEST OVERALL – 3rd Place: 334 Kenbrook! Layers of lovely holiday beauty – and on two sides, no less!
  • BEST OVERALL – 2nd Place: 435 Park! “Tasteful and simply lovely!”, said our judges. Are the branches of the tree sparkling too? The tree looks like it came out of a Dr. Suess book.
  • BEST OVERALL – 1st Place: 287 Loveman Avenue! Our judges were charmed by the “Island of Misfit Toys” theme and bigger than life characters.

Thanks to resident Kathi Godber for coordinating the judges for this event, and to The CyMack Group real estate for sponsoring.

Be sure to take your evening walks to enjoy these winners and all of the charming lights in our special, sparkling neighborhood.

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