Virtual 5K Run Through the Hills 2020

This year the Run Through the Hills 5k is going virtual! We can’t get together in a big group but we’ve seen everyone training outside since the gyms have closed and think you need some recognition (and a really cool t-shirt) for all your hard work.

You can complete the 5k at any time between July 4 – July 18 and have the option to walk or run the actual course or you can be creative with it. Hop on a treadmill and log the 3.1 miles, map out a 5k course through one of the parks or at your vacation home, run up and down the stairs in your house until you’ve reached 3500 steps (the average # of steps taken during a 5k) and fill up our Facebook page with your time & sweaty selfies. Even in a pandemic, to paraphrase Jeff Spain “every day is a good day for a 5k!”

Registration for our Virtual 5K is now OPEN! There are two ways to register for this activity:

  • Online
    Registration closes on July 3 at 5:00 PM.
  • Download the mail-in form, and mail it in, to the Colonial Hills Civic Association, c/o “Run Through the Hills,” P.O. Box 676, Worthington, address shown on the form. Please ensure that you mail in your form in time for it to be received in our P.O. Box by Wednesday, July 1. Please fill out a separate form for each runner in your household, so that we can correctly designate each runner as to name, age, and gender.

The registration entry fee is as follows:

  • $15.00 – register before 5:00 PM, July 3

Registration will score you a commemorative 2020 t-shirt. Please make sure you fill in an accurate email address so that we can notify you with details for the t-shirt pick up after the virtual race has closed.

As stated above, you can complete your 5k at any time between July 4-July 18. If you’d like to do the traditional run through our Hills & Dales you can click here to see the map, but in the name of social distancing you are welcome to find a 5k route in another location. We want to see where you are and what you’ve done so please post pictures and comments on our Facebook page!

Regardless of your activity, when you are finished with it, you can turn in your time (not required however), by e-mailing your results to
Please include your name and your time in your message.

Finally, you will note that your registration asks whether you want to have your race results published (the default is No). If you change your mind after you register, please include your final choice regarding publishing your time in your e-mail message to us.

Another blogpost, as well as the Courier, will describe the rest of the Colonial Hills Independence Day activities.

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