Welcome Wagon Organizer Wanted

First, the CHCA would like to thank Jenny Kendall and Brenda Leggitt, the last two Welcome Wagon organizers, for their work on this role that epitomizes our “friendly neighborhood” slogan!

The CHCA is looking for someone to organize Welcome Wagon bags to distribute to our wonderful new neighbors. The “job” would entail collecting menus and other local literature from local businesses/government/news as well as soliciting donations of gift cards, drinks, coupons, freebies (bank pens or such), etc… Those would be bagged up in a donated local restaurant/shops bag. The CHCA would also provide some extra Couriers to include and maybe magnets if we have any extras. The current organizer is happy to take you around to introduce you to various business owners and such who donate materials, to make the transition even easier. She also has a little stock to turn over.

The next step would be regularly searching the Auditor website for home sales. Or you can contact one of the friendly realtors in the neighborhood who we are sure would be happy to make you a list regularly. Friendly neighborhood real estate agent Cynthia MacKenzie has graciously volunteered to provide that information upon request.

Lastly, you can either deliver those bags to the new residents yourself, or we have a gregarious volunteer who will be happy to do that step.

Simple, fun, and a great way to help out the neighborhood without too much time commitment.
Please contact the general CHCA email CHCA.worthington@gmail.com

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