2022 Halloween House Decorating Contest and Photos

The clouds were ominous and luminous and the black cats (3!!) were prowling on Park Overlook as our judges were scouring the neighborhood in search of creative, spooky, and friendly house and yard designs with activities and special effects. They were not disappointed! It’s never an easy task to select winners in the winningness of neighborhoods, but hard choices had to be made.

Special Honorable Mentions to the following:

  • 5785 Andover for the tall ghost and Big spider
  • 445 N. Selby where skeletons rose from the grave to attach the house of the Pumpkin Patch
  • 382 Loveman for its Ghastly Ghosts
  • 417 Kenbrook for the OZ theme and green flying witches
  • 583 Loveman with Sponge Bob and his freaky friends

Thanks to everyone who decorated and added to our neighborhood’s spooky Halloween atmosphere.

And the WINNERS are: (Cue a big Minor chord on the organ!!)

SPOOKIEST: 287 Loveman – Featuring Big Black Cat, Halloween movie villains Freddie K and Michael Myers.

FRIENDLIEST: 73 E. Riverglen – A big yard full of fun vignettes, and a Bates Motel sign in the window. This home is friendly all year long with decor for nearly every holiday and OSU game.

MOST CREATIVE: 524 Colonial – The Monster house is alive! Along with Halloween greetings and fog effects.

BEST ACTIVITY: 363 Loveman – there will be a spook house to enter on Halloween, also there is so much activity for the eyes: holograms, flying ghost, bass playing skeleton and a ghastly greeter.

BEST EFFECTS: 427 S. Selby – Our judges loved the skeletal Bengals fan watching the hologram TV show! And the fire pit was a very nice touch. Look for the Wicked Witch of the East (well, her feet, anyway) near the graveyard.

(And now for the photos (Photo Credits: Secret Judges) – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these pics which have the following descriptions)

_01 The Clouds Were Ominous …
_02 And Black Cats Were Prowling on Park Overlook
_03 Spookiest
_04 Friendliest
_05 Most Creative
_06 Best Activity
_07 Best Effects (Daytime)
_08 Best Effects

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