Halloween House Decorating Contest

The ghostly full moon shone overhead as our fearless judges’ helpers crept though the streets and yards of our frightening neighborhood, snapping photos and taking video for our esteemed judges. Witch’s hats off to all of you who made this event fun and difficult to judge!

Colonial Hills is full of graveyards, skeletons, bats and ghosts…….. and a few surprises! The demonic delights included Ghosts playing “Ring Around the Rosie” on Kenbrook, a dragon on the 500 block of Colonial, cemeteries at 283 and 291 Kenbrook, and bats on the windows in the 100 block of Loveman. Hauntingly charming were the cornucopia at 175 Loveman, and the lovely lighting with spiders and Peeking Tom skeleton at 5644 Indianola.

It was really hard to find and see your addresses sometimes, so I am sorry that some are missing. Neighbors: Take a walk at dusk and enjoy all the decorating! Don’t miss the 200-300 block of Loveman, which is fabulous. Huge Black Cat and graveyard at 287 Loveman, A pirate Themed house at 322 Loveman and a Big Wing Waving Dragon at 306 Loveman. Wow!!

This year we recognize:

Spookiest: 363 Loveman with its truly creepy graveyard and huge bat. Spook house too!!

Friendliest: 5684 Indianola – Our judges loved the family of grinning Jack-o-lanterns

Most Creative: 244 Colonial with the O-H-I-O ghosts, graveyard and LOTS of hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Best Effects: 570 Kenbrook with its Ghostbusters theme, purple lighting, Hologram ghosts in the windows and a big Stay-Puft marshmallow man!

Best Activity: The haunted trail at 418 Park Overlook – Fun and screamin’ scary. Don’t miss this on Halloween – weather permitting

Our judges wished that they had a few more categories to award. Hmmmm….we will think about that.

Enjoy the season…. The leaves are finally turning.

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