2018 Holiday Decorating Contest Awards

We certainly are a creative neighborhood! Our judges were impressed with the variety of our homes’ holiday decorating. Some homes are charming, sweet, nostalgic, fun or downright amazing – like the high star on Park Blvd, which our judges loved, but it defied category. Hmmm…. Thinking cap on…….

It was a clear, cold night for judging, and we (our judges’ helpers/photographers) were thrilled to see an adorable red fox emerge from the brush at the corner of Park Overlook and Indianola – It ran down Indianola on swift little feet and hid behind some bushes before I could snap a good photo.

If we were recognizing blocks, the judges’ favorites were the 200 block of Loveman and the 200 block of Colonial. But every street in the neighborhood had some lovely displays, so be sure to walk around after dusk and enjoy the splendor!

Here is the list of this year’s Holiday Decorating winners:

  • Best Retro: 5731 Foster – Homage to the Grinch and the old fashioned Santas are charming!
  • Most Artistic: 559 Colonial – Santa Dragons bearing gifts – 3 dragons! What fun!!
  • Most Lit Up: 287 Loveman – A perennial favorite with a mix of lights and BIG blow ups!
  • Best Front Door #3: 5630 Indianola – Red and Green Lights and Arrow
  • Best Front Door #2: 542 Park Blvd – Bright and Merry – We loved the lit up Fox; it was a sign….
  • Best Front Door #1: 563 Meadoway – A lit Christmas Tree with presents, and candy cane striped columns
  • Best Overall #3: 385 Park – Geese, Angels, White Star, sweet items on the porch….. Lovely
  • Best Overall #2: 290 Colonial – A classic! House outlined with lights, Santa’s sleigh, Tree, Wreath
  • Best Overall #1: 272 Colonial – Tree Shopping with Poppa Bear…. Awwwww.. so very adorable

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who made our neighborhood sparkle for the holidays!

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