Welcome To 2019, Colonial Hills!

We hope each and every one of you enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family as well as enjoyed the neighborhood events that occurred in December including our spectacular luminary display and holiday party. Many thanks to the leaders of these events as well as the participants!

We have a few Colonial Hills Civic Association (CHCA) updates to share. At the time of this being posted, we are in process of identifying a CHCA President, VP/Events, VP/Communications and other supportive positions. We are so fortunate to have had many express interest in supporting the CHCA in 2019 and we are working with these parties to align their interests/passion/talent with needs within the CHCA.

We are indebted to Ken Paul, the CHCA president in 2017 and 2018 for all he has done – and will continue to do to support our thriving neighborhood. Hats off to Ken for all you do for our community!

The existing CHCA officers and volunteers will continue to chug along to attempt to fulfill the annual events hosted by the CHCA (see the blog post below). One change – we are only able to publish four Couriers this year. Two will be mailed and two will be delivered by our talented trustees. We encourage all to join our neighborhood Facebook page and/or Twitter to stay abreast of events and Colonial Hills applicable items.

Here’s to a great 2019, Colonial Hills!!!

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