Congratulations To The New CHCA Officers and Event Chairs!

The CHCA is proud to announce our new Officers and Event Chairs who have undertaken the following responsibilities effective with the February 12, 2019, Civic Association meeting:

  • President: Emma Lindholm
  • VP/Events: Alan Miroslaw
  • VP/Communications: Chris Rule
  • Event Chair, 4th of July: AJ Perry
  • Newly-Created Event Chair, CH Historian and Grants: Tim Nittle

The CHCA also wishes to greatly thank our current Secretary, John Cecil, for agreeing to continue into his third year of service in this office, and our new Treasurer, as of January, 2019, David Nadolny!

We also greatly appreciate Ken Paul, who served as our CHCA President during 2017 and 2018 for all he has done – and will continue to do to support our thriving neighborhood!

Finally, the CHCA extends our huge appreciation to the following two officers, who after many years of service, are in process of transitioning their responsibilities to new officers:

  • Jenny Kendall, VP/Events
  • Kelly Calhoun, Treasurer

We are deeply indebted to Jenny and Kelly for your many, many years of dedicated, extensive service to the CHCA, and for the integral roles both of you have performed in truly making our neighborhood the Friendly Community!

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