CHCA Scholarship 2019 – Free Money For CH Graduating Seniors!

Attention all Senior students who are residents of Colonial Hills – the CHCA’s educational scholarship is an opportunity for “free money” to support a graduating senior’s future plans whether that be attending a four year, two year or technical school.

You may be wondering – how do I (or my son/daughter) access this free money? It’s really quite simple – the applicant must attend one of the upcoming CHCA meetings (or have attended one of our meetings in the past) and volunteer at two events (either in the past or upcoming).

Then fill out the application form, which is available here in MS Word or PDF (or use the links at the right). Applications are due Monday, April 1, 2019 (or postmarked by Wednesday, March 27, if sent by mail). Please see the application for additional details.

The CHCA meetings are always the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Selby Park Shelter House. Upcoming events can be found on the magnet of events included in the January, 2019, Courier or in the “Upcoming Events” calendar at the right.

And please note that if you are concerned you cannot meet the requirements between now and the application due date – please reach out ASAP to Jenny Kendall at, and we can work together to find a creative way to meet these requirements.

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