2019 5k Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 40th Annual Run Through The Hills this year – results are in! Click on the links below to view:

Big thanks to Courtney Jolley and Jeff Spain for organizing the race (again!) this year.

And huge thank you’s to Event Chair AJ Perry, VP/Events Alan Miroslaw, and former VP/Events Jenny Kendall for coordinating everything for the Independence Day celebration later that day, to Mary Ann Ogle for conducting the Kiddie Parade, and to Matt Steidle for providing our live music, and especially to all the volunteers who helped set up and staff all our activities!

Besides the winners in the Kiddie Parade (which will be published later), the Colonial Hills bragging rights go to the following winners for these new events:

  • Rosanne Nagel, Best Pie in the Pie Baking Competition
  • Noah Graff, Under-18 Watermelon Eating, 11:45am
  • Chris Rule, 18 and Older, Watermelon Eating
  • Sofia Ziss, Under-18 Watermelon Eating, 12:45am

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and maybe think about helping out with the CHCA events coming this fall: Halloween Party (Oct 27), Food Drive (Nov 16), and Luminary Kit Preparation (Dec 7).

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