Halloween Decorating Contest and Photos

By your secret judges (who also took the pics below)

At last, the leaves are turning and have set the stage for our judges’ foray out into the neighborhood to see all of your Halloween decorations. The TRICKED-out houses were a TREAT for our judges’ eyes! Thanks to everyone who put in the effort to make our neighborhood fun for the Halloween Holiday.

An honorable mention goes out to the chained dragon with a skeleton at its feet on 547 Park Overlook, the lovely Cornucopia of Gourds at 385 Park Blvd, the haunted cemetery at 418 Park Overlook, the Welcoming display at 5698 Indianola, the giant pumpkin at 543 Park, the “blow up city with twirling eye” at 293 Park Blvd, and Big cat at the cemetery at 287 Loveman. Kudos to the 200 block of Kenbrook, where there were many cool decorations.

This year, special recognition goes to:

Spookiest: 244 Colonial – The big spiders and the freshly dug grave spooked the judges. Fabulous!!

Friendliest: 290 Colonial – The Nightmare Before Christmas, where everyone was smiling! The judges liked the music and fog!

Most Creative: 322 Loveman – Pirates in the Caribbean theme – so unique! The judges were charmed by the pink flamingos.

Best Effects: 559 Colonial – Dragon’s Lair – This really looks like dragon land y’all.

Best Activity: 363 Loveman – for its Garage Spook House! This category is “tricky” since the activities are usually not running until October 31. So, based on last year (remember the rain?) this spook house was a really fun activity. The front yard is a truly creepy entrance to the spook house with a graveyard and skeletons. Kids (from 6 to 60) were screaming all night!

(And now for the photos (Photo Credits: Secret Judges) – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these pics which have the following descriptions)

_02 Friendliest, Picture #1
_02b Friendliest, Picture #2
_03 Most Creative, Picture #1
_03b Most Creative, Picture #2
_04 Best Effects
_01 Spookiest

Halloween Decorating 2019
Halloween Decorating 2019
Halloween Decorating 2019
Halloween Decorating 2019
Halloween Decorating 2019
Halloween Decorating 2019

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