City Council Candidates Responses to CHAT Questionnaire

All the candidates for Worthington City Council have now responded to the Colonial Hills – Advocate Together (CHAT) questionnaire, as given in the links below. CHAT thanks all the candidates for their answers to this questionnaire, and requests that you carefully consider the responses from all thirteen candidates, in determining who you will vote for.

The four questions which the candidates answered were:

  1. Yes or no, do you agree that there should be no significant new traffic introduced into the Colonial Hills neighborhood? How will you ensure this in the future?
  2. What improvements to Colonial Hills do you propose?
  3. How do you propose to upgrade the water system in Worthington?
  4. How would you diversify and stabilize the revenue stream in the City of Worthington?

In last name order, the following are links to PDFs containing the candidates’ responses:

And as a reminder, CHAT volunteers continue to canvass the Colonial Hills neighborhood, to request your answers to our initial Colonial Hills – Advocate Together neighborhood survey, which we have left open for you to respond to online.
Note: Please respond online to this neighborhood survey if you have a “No Soliciting” sign on your door, which we honor, and thus we will not be able to talk with you and record your answers when we are out canvassing.

Also please consider joining our CHAT Facebook group and if you have time, we would greatly appreciate your volunteering for activities within the CHAT organization. Thank you!

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