2019 Colonial Hills Holiday Decorating Contest and Photos

Brrrr…it was cold outside but the judges’ debate over the Lighting Contest winners was RED HOT this year. Snow sparkled on the fine streets of Colonial Hills as the judges marshaled forth to pick their decorated favorites.

As always, there is a long list of worthy contenders, so we honorably mention the following finalists for their heartwarming displays:

  • 492 Kenbrook – The judges enjoyed Ralphie from “a Christmas Story”
  • 5595 Greenwich – House outlined with lights – no fear of heights – and the Blow Up Truck w/ a tree
  • 322 Loveman – Pirate Xmas and flamingos – quirky and fun
  • 71 Southington – White lights galore and an angel
  • 63 Southington – Artful wreath and lights around the door
  • 583 Loveman – The Grinch on the Roof!
  • 5671 Indianola – Santa!
  • 528 N. Selby – Nicely lit up – even the side yard shed was decked out
  • 306?? Colonial – No lights, but a lovely display of live deer in the front yard. How did they do that??!! 😉

Of course, difficult decisions had to be made, and the winners for 2019 are….cymbal crash……

  • Most Lit: 290 Colonial – The judges loved the lights, especially those on the roof…
  • Most Artistic: 435 Park – So very pretty with a BIG tree dripping with BIG bulbs
  • Best Retro: 282 Loveman – The millennials on the judging panel loved the old fashioned Santas!
  • Best Front Door – Third Place: 509 Kenbrook – Giant candy canes flanked the door
  • Best Front Door – Second Place: 384 Colonial – Lovely garland and wreaths… very classy!
  • Best Front Door – First Place: 175 Loveman – Decorated all the way up the drive and porch! Delightful and different
  • Best Overall – Third Place: 124 Park – Recognized for the star waaaaaay up there, and the Christmas tree and wreath you see through the windows are charming
  • Best Overall – Second Place: 5595 Indianola – Colorful, and so very unique!
  • Best Overall – First Place: 287 Loveman – Big Blow Ups and Snow Man and so many other layers of fun – a wonderland… and MUSIC!!

Thanks to everyone who decorated this year. We are blessed to live in such a warm, charming and friendly neighborhood.

(And here are the pics, with photo credits to the Secret Judges – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these photos)

_01 Most Lit
_02 Most Artistic
_03 Best Retro
_04 Best Front Door – 3rd Place
_05 Best Front Door – 2nd
_06 Best Front Door – 1st
_07 Best Overall – 3rd Place
_08 Best Overall – 2nd
_09 Best Overall – 1st

2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating
2019 Holiday Decorating

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