Selby Park Playground Update and Other Information

Updates from the Worthington Parks & Recreation Department:

Selby Park Playground Replacement Update

Thank you to everyone who came to the Selby Playground Replacement in-person open house and those who posted comments on-line. We are reviewing the comments and will be sharing our final playground design early next week. Results will be available on our website at: Selby Park Playground Replacement Process

Selby Park Playground Oak Tree Removal

You may have noticed in our playground designs the beautiful, large, split trunk oak tree is missing. Many of you commented on it and we wanted to provide an explanation. Unfortunately, we will be removing it during the playground renovation. Our certified arborists have been monitoring the health and condition of that tree for many years. The double forked structure of the tree has been a concern as well as its declining health, especially given its proximity to the busy playground where so many kids and families congregate. Those split trunk trees are especially dangerous as they decline because they are prone to splitting and falling at a moment’s notice. Since we have been aware of its decline for a while, we have been planting trees along the west boundary of the playground in anticipation of it being removed. We will also be improving the mulch area on the east boundary of the playground by planting new large species trees that will provide shade for years to come. All of our designs also included shade over the seating area in the middle of the playground.

Selby Shelter Improvements

We saw many comments in our Selby Park Playground Replacement feedback about the shelter and when it might be improved. This has been an expressed goal of the city in the Parks Master Plan and there is funding in the 2022 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) to assess the west end of the park including the aging shelter building. The design work will look at the best future layout for the entire west end of the park (including the parking lot) and assess whether to renovate or replace the existing shelter. Staff will begin working with residents early in 2022 on the project.

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