2021 Halloween Decorating Contest and Photos

Your secret judges (who took the pics below) congratulate the winners of the Halloween House Decorating Contest:

Best Activity: 551 Park – Poems posted and on paper to go … supplies list in case you are wondering how this was done. Amazing, really. Apples, candy and dog bones. (Thanks for the Butterfinger!) A very unique and creative display!

Friendliest: 244 Colonial – Charlie Brown welcomes the Great Pumpkin. Sweet and charming.

Spookiest: 363 Loveman – Duh! … graves, skeletons, ghost hologram, oh my! And, the rat on the porch was almost too much!!! Eeek!!!

Most Creative: 583 Loveman – Green Glowing skeletons, scary trees, Giant Pumpkin, a great variety of scary vignettes.

Best Effects: 524 Colonial – The Monster House with the scariest soundtrack ever!! How cool is this?!! It’s Alive!!

(And now for the photos (Photo Credits: Secret Judges) – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these pics which have the following descriptions)

_01 Best Activity Day
_01 Best Activity Day – Detail
_01 Best Activity Night
_02 Friendliest Day
_02 Friendliest Night
_03 Spookiest Night
_04 Most Creative Night
_04 Most Creative Night – Detail
_05 Best Effects Night

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