2021 Colonial Hills Holiday Decorating Contest and Photos

Even a full moon did not dim the bright holiday lights in our fine community. Thank you for adding some shine and shimmer to another challenging year.

The judges were distracted by the huge buck in the front yards of the 400 block of Park Overlook, but once back on task, the following houses were deemed the winners for 2021:

  • Best Overall – First Place: 287 Loveman – Wow!! Just go see it!! Music, lotsa lights, blow ups, retro theme…it has all our favorites all in one!!
  • Best Overall – Second Place: 215 Selby – Merry Camping!
  • Best Overall – Third Place: 435 Park – An evergreen dripping with huge bulbs.
  • Best Front Door – First Place: 5603 Indianola – Earthy and Charming country style.
  • Best Front Door – Second Place: 63 Southington – Lovely and classic evergreen swags surround the door and its red “Merry Christmas” sign.
  • Best Front Door – Third Place: 212 Colonial – Although the address was hard to see in the dark, you can’t miss the blue and cool toned multi colored lights around the entrance.
  • Best Retro: 583 Loveman – Grinch, Spongebob and Elf are now retro!
  • Most Artistic: 356 Colonial – An artful display of gifts on a sled and tiny colorful lights beautifully arranged throughout the yard and fencing.
  • Most Lit Up: 71 Southington – A sea of white lights. Love the angel.

Have a safe and joyous holiday season!

(And here are the pics, with photo credits to the Secret Judges – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these photos)

_01 Best Overall – 1st Place
_02 Best Overall – 2nd
_03 Best Overall – 3rd
_04 Best Front Door – 1st Place
_05 Best Front Door – 2nd
_06 Best Front Door – 3rd
_07 Best Retro
_08 Most Artistic
_09 Most Lit Up

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