Luminaries 2022

I want to thank each of the 24 volunteers, including 8 youth, who assembled 899 luminary kits for the 838 homes in our neighborhood on Saturday, December 3. Although it was raining heavily earlier in the morning, by 10:00 AM when we started kit assembly, the rain had completely stopped and the weather was comfortable for our outside volunteers (please see the photos below).

All but six Trustees were able to pick up their completed bundles of kits before 1:00 PM, and so volunteers delivered their bundles to them, which included one large bundle for which volunteer Al Smyth delivered the kits to all homes in this District due to Trustee illness. And thus my special appreciation to Al, who has been “backstopping” the kit assembly event with multiple Trustee bundle deliveries each year since 2014!

And last, but not least, I thank our Trustees who deliver the luminary kits to each home in their District (plus delivering the Couriers and CHCA membership packets, and many of whom have additional roles within the CHCA).

Colonial Hills was blessed with great weather for our Neighborhood Luminary Display, which includes the luminaries ringing Selby Park, on Sunday, December 11, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. As I drove the streets in the Hills that evening, I estimated that we had approximately 95% overall participation, with long expanses of continuous displays on Indianola and the Selbys, and some streets such as Meadoway and Park Overlook with virtually 100% participation!

In fact, even with driving very slowly, windows rolled down and flashers on, I felt as if my vehicle was an intruder on the streets which, along with the sidewalks, were filled with folks, including strollers and pets, enjoying the great weather and our amazing holiday decorations. And of course, I had to park by the curb for about five minutes, to become part of the ongoing crowd of children (and adults) marveling at the awesome display at a certain home.

And finally, I must thank every neighbor who set up their luminaries in front of their residence, and those who decorate their homes for the season, to make our Colonial Hills holiday celebration uniquely jolly.

Will Pearce
Luminary Event Chair

(And now for the photos (Photo Credit: Barb Schwartz-Lilly) – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these pics which have the following descriptions)

_01 Outside Kit Assembly #1
_02 Outside Kit Assembly #2
_03 Shoveling #1
_04 Shoveling #2
_05 Completed Kits
_06 Preparing Bundles for Trustees
_07 Outside Kit Assembly #3

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