2022 Colonial Hills Holiday Decorating Contest and Photos

Luckily, the super cold and snowy weather held off until after our contest! The winners are:

  • Best Overall – First Place: 244 Colonial – The judges gasped, then squealed with delight at the wonderful Whoville display.
  • Best Overall – Second Place: 291 E Selby – BIG Santa and Frosty.
  • Best Overall – Third Place: 212 Colonial – Although the address is hard to see in the dark, it sure is pretty with the unique colorful lights.
  • Best Front Door – First Place: 63 Southington – With its simple, sweet and heartfelt “Merry Christmas door”.
  • Best Front Door – Second Place: 384 Colonial
  • Best Front Door – Third Place: 581 N Selby
  • Best Retro: 322 Loveman – Hula Santa and friends. Hawaii sounds good right now, yes?
  • Most Artistic: 551 Park Blvd – Our judges called this one “HO HO HO Ha Ha Ha” with its 3 bushes dressed up as Santa. So creative!
  • Most Lit Up: 287 Loveman – A wonderful yard full of “Island of Lost Toys” figures and plenty of sparkle!

(And here are the pics, with photo credits to the Secret Judges – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these photos)

_01 Best Overall – 1st Place
_02 Best Overall – 2nd
_03 Best Overall – 3rd
_04 Best Front Door – 1st Place
_05 Best Front Door – 2nd
_06 Best Front Door – 3rd
_07 Best Retro
_08 Most Artistic
_09 Most Lit Up

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