2023 5k Race Results

It was a great day for the 44th Annual 5k in Colonial Hills! Not too humid, with a slight breeze, in our beautiful tree-lined streets. As always, the expertise and hard work of Event Chairs Courtney Jolley and Jeff Spain and their volunteers made the event appear to happen seamlessly, and thanks to their publicity efforts, we had the greatest number of runners/walkers (201) since 2016!

But this year, Jeff and Courtney also had to overcome the challenge of the ongoing, extensive water lines replacement project excavating the streets in Colonial Hills — by designing an alternate course (see diagram below), which masterfully solved the problem of the non-availability of Colonial and Foster as parts of the traditional course on July 4.

Change can be difficult, but Jeff reviewed the course modifications, which were well-marked along the way, with the runners immediately prior to the start of the race, and a Worthington Police Officer Cruiser led the way. And we suspect that many of the runners were secretly grateful for the alternate course this year, in that its difficulty declined from what the unsuspecting runner would find to be brutal to merely challenging, by removing the traditional course’s final uphill stretch of Foster-Kenbrook-Greenwich.

Accordingly, we congratulate everyone who participated, and especially the overall winning runners, who ran the following spectacular times: Jonathan Allen (14:59.97) and Hannah Moulton (16:53.89)! Please click on the links below to view:

Run Through the Hills Alternate 5K Course, Colonial Hills, Worthington, OH, July 4, 2023

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