Photos from the 4th of July and Winners of the Kiddie Parade

We have “developed” our photos from the 4th of July for publication in the next Courier, and we wanted to give you a preview below, while everyone’s summertime memories were still fresh from our wonderful Colonial Hills celebration at Selby Park! Please click on the “Continue reading” link at the bottom of this web page, following the list of the Kiddie Parade Winners, to view all these great photos.

And speaking of the Kiddie Parade, our 2019 parade was an amazing event with a great turnout – thank you to everyone who participated! There were many patriotic and colorful displays showing love and pride for our country. And a big thank-you to our volunteer judges: Robin Ogle Co-Chair, Kathy Moore, Marissa Mittelman, Joan Nienkirchen and Erin Glowacki.

Here are the Kiddie Parade Winners in the various categories:

3rd Place- Thomas Beck (5yrs)
2nd Place- TIE Ellie Phillips (7yrs) and Maddie Bartalon (6yrs)
1st Place- Eli Mertz (8yrs)

3rd Place- TIE Ben Shackelford (2yrs) and Bear Hall (4yrs)
2nd Place- Ezra Puskar (2yrs)
1st Place- Ivan Acox (6yrs)

Wagons and Floats
3rd Place- TIE Claire, Kate and Elizabeth (Wagon Train) (3yrs) and Logan Nittle (4yrs)
2nd Place- Henson (5yrs) and Mercy (2yrs) Brannan-Smith
1st Place- Archie Stephens (3yrs)

3rd Place- Lucas Lorenz (1yr)
2nd Place- Becca Miller (1yr)
1st Place- Evelyn Millers (2yrs)

3rd Place- TIE Bodhi Rush and Elton Klopfer
2nd Place- TIE Isla Keeney and Mae Smith
1st Place- Hudson Sevin

2nd Place- Frankie Jones
1st Place- Dawn and Nora with dog Winnie

2nd Place- Madelyn Paplaczyk
1st Place- Frieda Welper

(And now for the photos – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these pics which have the following descriptions)

_01 Parade Start #1, Photographer Credit: Mr. Sterling, Loveman Ave.
_02 Parade Start #2, Credit: Chris Rule
_03 On the Midway around the Dunk Tank, CR: Chris Rule
_04 Dunk Tank Berridge, CR: Mr. Sterling
_05 Bubble Whack from Ron Sears, CR: Mr. Sterling
_06 Slip and Slide, CR: Chris Rule
_07 Watermelon Eating, Ready, Set … CR: Chris Rule
_08 Watermelon Eating, Go! And the Winner is … CR: Mr. Sterling
_09 Tricycle and Wagon, Michael and Emma (our current CHCA Pres), 1989, Meadoway, CR: Cindy McCandlish

CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos
CHCA 4th of July Photos

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