Reminder – CHCA Scholarship 2023!

Colonial Hills graduating seniors or Colonial Hills residents pursuing continuing education – please review the detail requirements on page 2 of the 2023 scholarship application – MS Word format here or PDF format here) (or use the links at the right).

As specified on page 1 of the application, your completed application must be received by April 6 (if you deliver it in person or e-mail it), or postmarked by April 3, if you mail it to our P.O. Box.

The January 2023 Colonial Hills Courier Scholarship Application article, on pages 9 and 10, specifies exactly the same requirements as are specified in the above-referenced scholarship application forms, but with a more easily visualized graphic display for the requirements. Therefore, you may optionally print out, cut out, copy, etc., this article from the Courier, to use as your application form, if you wish.

Thanks to the membership dues residents so generously pay, the sponsorships for our events so graciously donated, and the ad space sold in the Courier, and the high quality of our winning applicants, the CHCA was able to award total scholarship amounts of $2,500 three years ago, $3,000 two years ago and this past year $6,000 in scholarships! But we cannot award any scholarships unless you apply – so apply now, before you forget!

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